My Cyan Is Ready For Her Close Up

by Nautipaints Date: 2020-04-01

The Nautipaints’ team have recently completed a project onboard MY Cyan in time for her 2020 season. Working closely with ship’s Captain Barry Cross and Jotun Yachting, Nautipaints were responsible for the refinishing the superstructure and topside and hull antifouling of the superyacht.

MY Cyan is a spectacular,49 metre long, yacht built by Codecasa. She has a crew of eleven serving 12 guests. MY Cyan has her own unique paint colour which is designed and mixed by Jotun. It was our pleasure to have them working alongside our team to maintain the quality and consistency of the product throughout the application.

On completion of the work we were delighted to receive this message from MY Cyan’s captain and he has allowed us to share it publicly.

“Thanks again so much for all your assistance throughout. Calm and professional throughout you were a pleasure to deal with. We really had such a great experience with Nautipaints and will definitely pass that on. In a couple of years all the white will need doing but I’m not sure where we will be. It would be done best by Nautipaints but we probably won’t be in Mallorca. Thanks again so much for all you did for us. We’ll be back in October and will see you then I’m sure. Please also thank that guy who did the touch-ups for us, he was a really great, nice person and very professional. We were just too busy at the end and I never got to thank him. Best Regards, Barry Cross, Captain.”

Wherever MY Cyan will be in  a couple of years we will be able to work on her with one of our remote teams of painters, so we look forward to working on this beautiful boat once again. Until then, we wish Captain Cross and his crew safe travels.