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Recent Projects

Perhaps the best indication of the quality of our work is the extensive return business we enjoy from our long-standing client base which is continually developing.

Refinishing Tanks
  • MY IRIMARI, 63m
  • SY BRISTOLIAN, 36,70m
  • MY LADY NORA, 46m
  • SY GANESHA, 46,00
  • SY VERTIGO, 67,20
  • MY EMERALD, 51m
  • MY CYAN, 48,70m
  • MY AZIZA, 40,90m
  • MY RONIN, 58,80m
  • SY PRANA, 51,70m
  • SY AQUARIUS, 56m
  • MY LADY GEORGINA, 48,20m
  • SY SQUALL, 52.34m
  • SY MARI CHA III, 46,00m
  • M/Y LIONESS V, 63,50m
  • SY BLACK PEARL, 106,7m
  • SY AQUIJO, 86m
  • SY PRANA, 51,70m
  • MY LIMITLESS, 96.25m
  • MY ROMA, 62m
  • MY INFINITY, 89m
  • MY COCOA BEAN, 74m
  • MY DAR, 90m
  • MY BARBARA, 88.50m
  • MY AZTECA, 72m
  • MY PALLADIUM, 95.1m
  • MY Z, 65m
  • MY NORTH STAR, 63.10m
  • SY TWIZZLE, 57,49
Clients' opinions


We are proud and grateful to acknowledge our thousands of satisfied customers. We are ready to share with you the benefit of our decades of experience in the marine industry.

“We are happy to have Nautipaints for the complete refinishing of the top sides and tender. The results achieved were impressive, bordering on spectacular.” ”

Captain David Linebaugh M/Y LIONESS V

“In additional to doing excellent paintwork at competitive prices, their team of painters are very professional and easy to work with, always managing their work areas with care and concern for the yacht and the environment around the yacht.”

Alex Greenson MAster of M/Y Panthera

“From the start to the finish we were very satisfied with the management and organisation of the project, long hours were consistently worked by the same person to ensure the very labour intensive project was completed on time”

Charlie Haselden & David Mcgregor

Captains of S/Y Lady Georgina

“From the very beginning of the project to the last work on board all the Nautipaints team from the owner of the company down genuinely seemed to take pride in their work and strove to give us the best service they could, and to give the best finish possible. I would use Nautipaints again without hesitation and would recommend them highly.”

Stephen Moon – S/Y Anakena Captain

“I was very impressed with the professional attitude shown by the onsite supervisor and his team and the communication I enjoyed with the job coordination staff. Nothing was a problem for them and when needed to keep within the schedule laid out they supplied extra staff and worked overtime.”

Wayne palmer – S/Y Aphrodite Captain