We specialise in the finishing and refinishing of unique superyachts and are committed to delivering every project perfectly. we only use top quality products and the most skilled craftspeople in the business.


Renovation not only brings back the shine but also reinforces the protection of the yacht. we approach the refinishing process with the utmost due care and attention. following our extensive quality standards procedure means our client receives excellent levels of service.


Nautipaints’ varnishing division works on both interior and exterior surfaces. cherry, cedar, oak, or teak, whatever it is our highly skilled specialist teams will return it to its natural beauty.


When a refinish is not needed, but a beauty “touch up” is in order. we offer repairs to painted and varnished areas either onboard wherever the yacht is based or in our spray cabins in our workshops in palma.

Our Process

how we work

From the moment we receive a request from a client or partner through to the completion of the project we have precise and measurable guidelines that we work to. We work with our client through their initial brief, the planning and budget stages, to the actual delivery of the work, using our quality management markers and then the final review where we detail every stage and report back on the completion of the works.

Transparency in our communication and regular reporting are vital to ensure client satisfaction and a harmonious partnership. We endeavour to make the process as smooth as your new paint finish.



Our first contact with our client, gathering information about what needs to be done.



Drilling down into the details, visiting the yacht, assessing timescales and evaluating potential options.



Agreeing on the work to be done, how it will be done, to what timescale and to what budget.


Project Management

Following the pre-agreed plan, collecting data every day, reporting regularly to the client, problem-solving as needed.


Quality Control

Daily data collection, following the ISO and NAUTIPAINTS’ standards.



The final handover when the work is completed, including our detailed report.

Quality Standard

Exceptional levels

The Superyacht industry demands a painting standard and we are committed to consistently meeting and exceeding it. We have innovated and introduced our own proven working practices into the process, we have seen problems and found solutions for them, and we continue to do this. Our working process and insistence on the use of measurable Quality Standards is a significant way in which we stand out and lead from the front. Our procedure is our model for Quality Management. It is based on the ISO 9001 and developed in collaboration with Optimiza, a specialist industrial consultancy, and has been adapted for the Nautical industry. This is what we call our NautiStandard. It increases productivity, improves communication between client and provider and clarifies expectations.

  • ISO 9001 part of ISO 9000, the group of quality management systems designed to help organisations ensure they meet the needs of their customers. Third party certification ensures that we meet the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001 We use this standard to manage our environmental responsibilities.

Quality Control

Our quality control process is run independently from the other Nautipaints’ departments. The frequency of inspections depends on the individual project but it can range from daily to three times a week. In addition to quality control inspections, the assigned contract manager will regularly visit and communicate with the client throughout the work to ensure satisfaction.

The required surface preparation parameters are ensured by our experienced and qualified internal quality control personnel who are provided with all of the necessary inspection tools following international standards and duly calibrated.

We offer project documentation, ITP Inspection Test Plans, and simple or complete reports. We can provide qualified NACE/FROSIO/RMCI 3rd party inspection if required. Throughout the works we continuously check and note the following:

  1. NS/TF2: IT1

    Visual inspection of cleanliness

  2. NS/TF2: IT2

    Visual inspection of the cleanliness grade and surface profile

  3. NS/TF2: IT3

    Soluble salts assessment

  4. NS/TF2: IT4

    Surface dust assessment

  5. NS/TF2: IT5

    Assessment and control of ambient conditions

  6. NS/TF2: IT6

    Assessment of dry film thickness

Inspection during all phases of the paint application process

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Nauti group has four chandleries: two in Palma de Mallorca, one in Barcelona and new one in Antibes.  Clients can call any of our stores for advice and order on the phone for dock delivery. Our chandler staff are extremely helpful and make it their personal mission to locate that “impossible to find” part that you need.


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