by Nautipaints Date: 2019-12-19

It was with huge pleasure and pride that the Nauti Group, and our CEO Toni Salom in particular, took part in a  very special awards ceremony last week. The event which was organised by the RCNP (Real Club Nautico Palma)  was to recognise “Psytool” who promote educational values in athletes and use a sports psychology method implemented by the RCNP to promote fair play and respect for rules, rivals, gender and diversity. The jury of the IV Timón Awards decided to grant a second special mention to Miquel Salom from Pystool and the Royal Nautical Club of Palma for the development of the Psytool tool which has been sponsored by Nautichandler. 

When young people are encouraged to take part in a sport such as sailing or canoeing that requires many hours of training and dedication their emotional and psychological well being must be taken into consideration throughout the process. It is known that attitudes that young people are taught  by their coaches and subsequently might adopt at this stage of their life can end up influencing their future behaviour as adults, hence education in values is just as important to be taught as the actual sport.

The RCNP is, for the moment, the only nautical club in the Balearic Islands that has opted to use a professional and tested method to ensure that the competitiveness of its athletes is not at odds with its attitude of respect for the rules, rivals, gender or diversity. This method, developed and tested by several European universities, is called Psytool (pronounced saitul) and is aimed at training coaches. The person responsible for its pioneering and implementation in Mallorca is the psychologist Miguel Salom. 

A sailor or canoeist can have better or worse results, depending on countless factors. The Psytool program cannot affect the results  of the competition, but instead aims to teach the athlete how to accept and respect the rules, know how to win in a good fight and, most importantly, know how to lose with sportsmanship. 

We look forward to our continuing relationship with the RCNP, Psytool and their young athletes.