A Master Class in Painting Technology

by Nautipaints Date: 2019-12-10

Nautipaints was recently asked to give a master class to students from the specialist “Nautical Industry: Engineering, Projects and Planning” course taught at the UIB (University of the Balearics). The course is an innovative post-graduate course, reflecting the importance of the Nautical industry to Spain and in particular the Balearics as it generates 3% of the GDP directly and indirectly generates considerably more through job creation and income from tourism. The students on the course are specialising in industrial technologies and specific processes in the nautical sector including mechanics, electronics, engineering, technical English and industry planning.

The master class was taught at the Nauti Group headquarters in Palma by Toni Salom, the CEO of the Nauti Group, Marc Oliver, Quality Control Manager and Cristian Liebana, Project Manager. They covered a great deal of information during their three hour presentation, from procedure regarding the first contact with a potential client up to the completion and delivery of the work. Technical aspects such as surface measurements, budgets, agreeing standards, contracts, resource management, work processes (blasting, antifouling, assemble the tent, cover the ecessary surfaces, painting), delivery, final report. They also spoke about the main brands of antifouling and paint currently available on the market and the characteristics of each one.

“It’s very important to us to invest in the quality of our industry and maintain and continually improve on our standards, and the most important part of that is to educate and inspire our current and future workforce,” said Toni. “It was a pleasure for us to have this opportunity to inform the students about our work and the Superyacht market, talking about trends, working conditions, and new investments and developments in shipyards which we feel will be beneficial for the industry as a whole”.